Jewellery created by goldsmith Alexandra Tumanov, celebrates the elegance of Mother Earth. The intricate detail inherent in a fallen leaf, the texture and complexity of a found twig transform through the artist process. Every piece is a symbolic connection to the natural world.

Committed to an environmentally sustainable practice, Alexandra exclusively uses recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones.

When thinking of designing a ring with Alexandra, have a good look at your favourite Tree Ring and let her know which elements speak to you.

Would you like a petite ring? Super robust?

Balanced? Asymmetric?

What gem(s) speak to you? What colour of metal (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver)?

These are all questions Alexandra will have for your custom piece. 

As for upcycling ;)

Alexandra is more then happy to use family heirlooms in your work. Do you have gold rings in the family not being worn? A diamond patiently waiting for the sun? These heirlooms can be sent to Alexandra during the design process and incorporated in the final work. Pricing will be adjusted for each commission.

Thank you for considering a custom order with Alexandra. Below are photos for your viewing, dreaming and scheming. Instagram is also a great way to see the Tree Ring design process and please always feel free to start a conversation. 

Lots of love,